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The group is dedicated to the development, and preclinical as well as clinical testing, of HIV candidate vaccines. According to the necessity of rational vaccine design the group is focussing on various aspects of epidemiology, viral pathogenesis and morphogenesis, HIV replication, and vaccine manufacturing, including preclinical and clinical monitoring of antigen-specific B- and T-cell responses. The group is fully financed by national and international grants such as the Bavarian Research Foundation (Bayerische Forschungsstiftung), the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the European Union and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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Excellent project completion

Regensburg, 2017-02-10: The triennial project term of the research consortium "ForBIMed - Biomarkers in Infection Medicine", generously funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation, ended this January. In the context of... > more


New project granted

Regensburg, 2016-11-14: The H.W. and J. Hector Foundation awarded a grant for a joint research project by HIV research teams in Regensburg (Prof. Wagner) and Essen (Prof. Streeck) to study the influence of HIV’s glycan shield on... > more


New project granted

Regensburg, 2016-10-17: The Wagner lab will participate in the Emerging Viral Vaccine Antigen Insert Consortium (EVAC), funded by Innovate UK and coordinated by Prof. Jonathan Heeney from Darwin College at the University of... > more


Poster Prizes

Regensburg, 2016-10-16:   Markus Fleischmann who is doing his master's thesis in Molecular Medicine in our group, presented his progress at the "Shaping the Future with Molecular Medicine"-Meeting, held at... > more


Four presentations at international conferences

Regensburg, 2016-08-05   Current projects of our lab have been selected for oral presentation at two international conferences by the respective organizing commitees. Thomas Schuster, 2nd-year-PhD-student, will... > more


Upcoming Meetings
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We permanently offer several opportunities for students to conduct research projects in the context of `Forschungs- und Schwerpunktpraktika´.
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