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Four presentations at international conferences

Regensburg, 2016-08-05  
Current projects of our lab have been selected for oral presentation at two international conferences by the respective organizing commitees. Thomas Schuster, 2nd-year-PhD-student, will present his work entitled "Tolerance of HIV’s late gene expression towards stepwise codon adaptation" in a talk at the "Frontiers of Retrovirology conference" in Erlangen on Sep 13. Richard Kiener, 3rd-year-PhD-student, will give an oral presentation on the topic "Protein carbamoylation increases the restimulation of pp65-specific T cells" at the "6th European Congress of Virology" in Hamburg on Oct 20. Benedikt Asbach, PostDoc in the lab, will present results from the evaluation of our second-generation HIV vaccine candidates in rhesus macaques at both conferences as talks entitled "Priming with a potent HIV-1 DNA vaccine frames the quality of T cell and antibody responses prior to a poxvirus and protein boost", on Sep 14 in Erlangen and Oct 21 in Hamburg.


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