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Ralf Wagner, University of Regensburg, nominated on of 14 refereed within the “KMU Innovativ Program”

Regensburg 1.11.2014 - Effective 1st of November 2014, Ralf Wagner has been nominated one of 14 expert referees to advise the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the “KMU Innovativ Program” (BioChance). The group of referees comprises scientists to evaluate the scientific and technical quality of the submitted proposals as well as individuals adding practical expertise regarding entrepreneurial and market perspectives. The primary objective of the KMU Innovative Program is to support specific projects proposed by small and medium sized enterprises (SMSs) which are already engaged in the various fields of biotechnology or which intend to broaden their existing skills and business models by capitalizing on recent advances in biotechnology.


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