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Veronika Grassmann was elected as PhD representative for RIGeL Biomed

Regen, 26.-27.9.2014: During the RIGeL Summer Academy 2014, Veronika Grassmann was elected as PhD representative for the Biomed section of the graduate program. As PhD representative, Veronika Grassmann is part of the Summer Academy organization team for the Biomed section and organized the meeting in 2015 at the monastery Weltenburg. In addition, she is the contact person for current and future RIGeL students with questions about the graduate program. This also involves presenting RIGeL to Regensburg`s master students during their studies. Veronika Grassmann will continue this position until she finishes her PhD in 2016.



About RIGeL:

RIGeL is a graduate program that provides each of its PhD students with a mentoring team comprising the PhD supervisor and two additional scientific mentors. Also, students can participate in a broad panel of method and soft skill courses. Different groups within RIGeL organize alumni talks, graduate colloquiums with renowned international speakers and excursions to various companies. In addition, the students of the RIGeL Biomed section in Regensburg meet in a conference location once per year to present their topics in oral and poster presentations.   


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