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Wagner-Lab presentations at the GfV conference, Alpbach, March 2014

Regensburg, 20.3.2014 - The Wagner group will present several current research projects at the 24th annual meeting of the Society for Virologie in Alpach, 26-29.3.2014

Oral presentations:

  1. Ralf Wagner, Asli Bauer, Simone Krinner:
    Interplay of promotor usage and intragenic CpG content: Impact on the level and stability of GFP reporter gene expression
  2. Benedikt Asbach, Johannes Meier, Matthias Pfeifer, Philip Rosenstock,
    Jens Wild, Josef Köstler, Ralf Wagner:
    Computational Design of Epitope-Enriched HIV-Gag-Antigens with Preserved Structure and Function for Induction of Broad T Cell Responses
  3. Tim-Henrik Bruun, Veronika Schmid, Alexander Kliche, Ralf Wagner:
    Cell-surface Display and Panning of HIV-1 derived Envelope proteins
  4. Alexander Kliche, Tim-Henrik Bruun, Wagner Ralf:
    FACS based epitope mapping platform to characterize newly identified monoclonal anti HIV-1 envelope antibodies

Poster presentations:

  1. Benjamin Zimmer, Kliche Alexander, Harald Guldan, Reinhard Sterner, Längst Gernot, Ralf Wagner:
    Comparative binding analysis of HIV-1 envelope variants to neutralizing antibodies by flow cytometry, microscale thermophoresis and SPR- spectroscopy
  2. Ingrid Obermeier, Thomas Ebensen, Heiko Stark, Stefan Schuster, Carlos Guzman, Ralf Wagner:
    Gene Expression Profiling of Stimulated bone marrow-derived Dendritic Cells to Overcome the Deficits of Influenza Vaccination caused by Immunosenescence
  3. Alexander Kliche, Schütz Anja, Schmid Veronika, Bruun Tim-Henrik, Wagner Ralf:
    Sequential permutation envelope library to characterize monoclonal anti HIV-1 envelope antibodies
  4. Bernhard Banas, Carsten Böger, Gerhard Lückhoff, Bernd Krüger, Astrid Starke, Julia Batzilla, Hanna Bendfeldt, Matthias Schemmerer, Joseph Köstler, Sascha Barabas, Ludwig Deml, Ralf Wagner, Joachim Leicht, Bernhard K. Krämer:
    Validation of the suitability of Lophius Biosciences T-Track® CMV to assess the functionality of cell-mediated immunity (CMI) in hemodialysis patients

You can find the abstracts here on the conference website.


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