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Positive mid-term review of the Research Cluster “Biomarkers in Infection Medicine” supported by the Bavarian Research Foundation

Regensburg, 1.12.2014 - According to the WHO, infections with viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungal infections still rank among the top three causes of death in modern, industrialized nations, even rising to the most common... > more


Keynote Speech at the CAS (Center for Advanced Studies, Munich) Workshop “Applications of Synthetic Biology in Medicine”

Regensburg, 14.11.2014 - This workshop focuses on the potential of Synthetic Biology to drive significant advances in biomedicine and will address topics such as artificial genetic systems and the synthesis and evolution of... > more


Ralf Wagner, University of Regensburg, nominated on of 14 refereed within the “KMU Innovativ Program”

Regensburg 1.11.2014 - Effective 1st of November 2014, Ralf Wagner has been nominated one of 14 expert referees to advise the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the “KMU Innovativ Program” (BioChance). The... > more


Keynote Lecture at the 13th Workshop der GfV Studiengruppe “Immunobiology of Viral Infections”

Regensburg, 25.10.2014 - The 13th workshop of the GfV-Arbeitskreises "Immunobiology of viral infections" will be held this year from October 22nd – 24th in Bad Dürkheim (Pfalz). The major emphasis of this 3 day meeting... > more


Veronika Grassmann was elected as PhD representative for RIGeL Biomed

Regen, 26.-27.9.2014: During the RIGeL Summer Academy 2014, Veronika Grassmann was elected as PhD representative for the Biomed section of the graduate program. As PhD representative, Veronika Grassmann is part of the Summer... > more


Wagner-Lab presentations at the GfV conference, Alpbach, March 2014

Regensburg, 20.3.2014 - The Wagner group will present several current research projects at the 24th annual meeting of the Society for Virologie in Alpach, 26-29.3.2014Oral presentations: Ralf Wagner, Asli Bauer, Simone... > more


ForBiMed - Bayerischer Forschungsverbund: Identifikation neuer Biomarker in der Infektionsmedizin zur schnelleren Diagnose, Behandlung und Prävention von Infektionserkrankungen

Regensburg, 16.12.2013 - Trotz der Verfügbarkeit neuer Medikamente, verbesserter Antibiotika und Impfstoffe sind Infektionserkrankungen auch in modernen Industrienationen mit einer hohen Mortalitäts- und Morbiditätsrate sowie... > more


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We permanently offer several opportunities for students to conduct research projects in the context of `Forschungs- und Schwerpunktpraktika´.
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